The lanyard is the most popular gadget on the market. You can see it at every conference, sport event or as ID holders for various companies. Our lanyards can be of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 mm width. We offer a wide range of tip attachments such as the buckle (K), metal hook (R), phone buckle (T) or safety clip (B).

Lanyards could be printed on one side (with one sided print the blank side will always be white) or both sides.

If you need two sided printing you could choose from standard positioning or second side positioning, the latter meaning your text or logos will be in the same place on both sides of the lanyard, which allows wearing the lanyard on both sides. Two sided print doubles your advertising space and helps to avoid sewing through your text or logos.

Need something thicker? No problem,we also offer double tape which is sewn together. With this option you could choose from various standard colors or we could print the base tape according to your Pantone Matching System. In the middle of the base tape we sew a second tape with your design printed.

We also produce different plastic accessories in colour, we have most of standard colours in stock.